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Farmers are under constant pressure to increase agricultural yields while maintaining crop quality and consistency to satisfy global food demand. As a result, the agrochemical industries concentrate their efforts on creating active chemicals meant to assist farmers in preventing weeds, fungus, pests, and other sources from damaging their crops.

The active chemical is prepared with specialized surfactants and adjuvants to optimize their delivery to the targeted area and effectiveness. The final product becomes easier to handle, store, and apply when an active ingredient is incorporated into a formulation with surfactants & additives.

Furthermore, the product is safer for the operator and the environment, more effective due to the higher bio-efficacy of the active component, and more complex, allowing the use of multiple active ingredients simultaneously.

We offer environmentally safe surfactants and adjuvants for these formulations to maximize the effectiveness of active components and minimize their dosage. As a result, farmers can acquire the best yields for their crops.