CS Surfactants

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Capsule Suspension (CS) - Advanced Crop Protection

Our Capsule Suspension (CS) formulation is a cutting-edge solution that encapsulates an active ingredient within a protective polymer shell, suspending it in water alongside a dispersant and wetting agent.

CS formulations represent the pinnacle of crop protection technology on a global scale. These formulations belong to the next generation of innovations. When CS formulations are mixed with water in the spray tank, they spontaneously create a suspension with particles ranging from 0.1 to 20µm in size. When applied via spraying, this diluted emulsion ensures a precise and uniform distribution of the active ingredient onto the crops, a critical factor for effective pest control.

CS formulations offer versatility by allowing controlled or delayed release of pesticides, ensuring better protection against toxic active ingredients, and preventing material degradation.

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Why Choose Supreme Surfactants for CS Emulsifiers?

Dispersion Mastery: Expertly disperses solid particles, ensuring stable suspension for uniform distribution and unwavering performance.

Agglomeration Defense: Eliminates clumping and uneven distribution, maintaining the homogeneity of CS formulations.

Wetting Wizardry: Reduces surface tension, enhancing wetting efficiency for effective dispersion of the active ingredient.

Capsule Filling Facilitation: Promotes uniform distribution, ensuring consistency in dosing and quality in every capsule.

Bioavailability Boost: Facilitates absorption, elevating the bioavailability for optimal pesticidal effects.

Settling Prevention: Prevents solid particle settling during storage, ensuring stability and efficacy throughout the shelf life.