EW Surfactants

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Concentrated aqueous emulsion (EW)

They can be viewed as a safer and ecologically friendlier option when compared to emulsifiable concentrates (EC). In an emulsion concentrate (EW), the primary phase is water, in contrast to ECs that use organic solvents. This choice comes with several advantages, including reduced phytotoxicity, no flammability concern, easier handling, and a smaller ecological footprint. The stability of EW formulations is maintained through the inclusion of particular polymeric surfactants at suitable concentrations.

The emulsion is already well-established in the formulation and is merely further diluted in the spray mixture.

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Why choose Supreme Surfactants for EW Formulations?

Stability Mastery: Crafting enduring and uniform EW formulations with unmatched stability, setting us apart from the competition.

Precision Dispersion: Mastering uniform dispersion for precise and effective application

Wetting Excellence: Redefining wetting properties for optimal coverage, ensuring unparalleled contact between emulsion droplets and substrate.

Bioavailability Boost: Maximizing agricultural efficacy with elevated bioavailability, a crucial distinction for optimal pesticide effectiveness.

Agglomeration Prevention: Clog-free and homogenous emulsions, preventing oil droplet agglomeration and ensuring stability.

Environmental Impact Redefined: Supreme Surfactants optimize dispersion and targeting, allowing for reduced application rates while maintaining effectiveness.

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