ME Surfactants

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Microemulsions (ME)

MEs represent water-based formulations characterized by their exceptionally small emulsified droplet size, resulting in a transparent appearance.

Their remarkable thermodynamic stability across a broad temperature spectrum is attributed to these minute droplets, typically ranging from 0.01 to 0.05 μm. Unlike other emulsion systems where oil droplets can gradually merge, leading to phase separation, ME formulations remain immune to such issues.

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Why choose Supreme Surfactants for Microemulsions?

Stability Mastery: Crafting microemulsions with unparalleled stability, setting us apart in formulation longevity.

Solubilization Expertise: Elevating solubilization capabilities for a broad spectrum of active ingredients, ensuring superior efficacy.

Precision Dispersion: Mastering uniform dispersion, setting the standard for consistent and effective application.

Bioavailability Revolution: Maximizing crop care impact with improved bioavailability for superior efficacy.

Versatility Redefined: Empowering diverse compositions, allowing tailor-made solutions that surpass industry standards.

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