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Suspoemulsion (SE)

Suspoemulsion (SE) formulations serve as a means to merge two active ingredients possessing vastly different physical characteristics into a single formulation. They represent a fusion of suspension concentrate (SC) and concentrated aqueous emulsion (EW) technologies. The key benefits lie in the ability to formulate multiple active ingredients concurrently, expanding the range of effectiveness and eliminating the drawbacks associated with tank-mix incompatibility.

Formulating SEs can be challenging. To prevent issues like flocculation, crystal growth, and coalescence, it's advisable to employ polymeric surfactants. Enhancing anchoring and colloidal stabilization is essential to meet performance criteria. We suggest initially developing stable EW and SC formulations separately. Once stability is achieved individually, combining them is recommended. To minimize instability in the final SE formulation, using the same surfactant system whenever possible is advised.

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Why choose Supreme Surfactants for SE Formulations?

Precision Emulsification: Masters in emulsifying active ingredients for SE formulations, ensuring optimal dispersion and stability.

Particle Perfection: Our surfactants excel in reducing particle size, crafting smaller and uniform emulsion droplets for unparalleled formulation efficacy.

Unrivaled Stability: Supreme Surfactants lead in preventing phase separation, coalescence and maintaining a consistently stable emulsion that defies settling over time.

Wetting Wonders: Experience superior wetting and spreading properties, ensuring enhanced contact with target surfaces and improved absorption.

Bioavailability Boost: Elevate bioavailability with our surfactants, enhancing the solubility and dispersibility of active ingredients for optimal performance.

User-Friendly Application: Supreme Surfactants make SE formulation handling a breeze, promoting easy mixing with water for convenient end-user application.

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