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Oil Dispersion (OD)

An oil dispersion (OD) formulation comprises a solid active ingredient evenly dispersed in oil. The oil component may range from paraffinic to aromatic solvents, as well as vegetable oils or methylated seed oils. The key goal is achieving a uniform suspension of the active ingredient within the oil phase.

ODs serve as highly effective delivery systems, particularly for active ingredients sensitive to water. Beyond this, ODs have expanded to include various active ingredients, thanks to their exceptional spray retention, spreading capabilities, and foliar uptake. The carrier oil often functions as an adjuvant, enhancing overall performance.

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Why choose Supreme Surfactants for OD Formulations?

Dispersion Mastery: Supreme Surfactants' emulsifiers facilitate oil droplet dispersion, ensuring a stable emulsion for uniform distribution and enhanced efficacy.

Enhanced Stability: Our surfactants prevent coalescence, ensuring prolonged shelf life and optimal performance in diverse conditions.

Wetting Excellence: Supreme Surfactants reduce surface tension, ensuring even coverage and improved contact for unparalleled application effectiveness.

Bioavailability Boost: Maximize absorption using our surfactants & enhance bioavailability, crucial for crop care formulations.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Supreme Surfactants optimize dispersion and targeting, allowing for reduced application rates while maintaining effectiveness.

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