Tank Mix Adjuvants

Your Premium Choice for Agrochemical Surfactants

Tank Mix Adjuvants

Tank mix adjuvants are essential partners in modern agriculture, enhancing the effectiveness of agrochemical applications. These specialized additives, when combined with pesticides or fertilizers, address challenges like drift reduction, ensuring precise delivery to target areas. They also improve spray adhesion, maximizing plant absorption and minimizing wastage

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Why Choose Supreme Surfactants for Tank Mix Formulations?

Unparalleled Wetting: Our emulsifiers excel in enhancing wetting properties, ensuring uniform coverage on target surfaces. The reduced surface tension guarantees optimal adhesion and absorption of active ingredients.

Superior Spreading and Penetration: Supreme Surfactants facilitate superior spreading and penetration in tank mix solutions, maximizing coverage and contact with plants.

Next-Level Droplet Formation: Experience the difference with emulsifiers that contribute to the formation of smaller, uniform droplets. Achieve consistent application and coverage, especially when using spray equipment.

Reliable Rainfastness Improvement: Supreme Surfactants help fortify the rainfastness of tank mix solutions, ensuring the sustained effectiveness of applied substances even in the face of rain or irrigation.

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