SG/SP Surfactants

Your Premium Choice for Agrochemical Surfactants

Soluble Granules and Powder Surfactants:

Soluble granules and powder surfactants are meticulously designed to address specific agricultural challenges. They play a crucial role in ensuring the precise delivery of active ingredients, enhancing their absorption by plants, and maximizing coverage. By reducing surface tension, these surfactants enable efficient and uniform application, reaching every nook and cranny of the target area.

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Why Choose Supreme Surfactants for Soluble Granules and Powder Formulations?

Enhanced Dissolvability Mastery: Our surfactants redefine dissolvability, ensuring your active ingredients dissolve completely in water, creating a perfectly homogeneous solution.

Agglomeration Defense: Supreme Surfactants prevent the agglomeration of granules or powder particles, ensuring a stable and well-dispersed solution.

Breakthrough wetting properties: Our surfactants reduce water's surface tension, guaranteeing uniform coverage and optimal contact with the target surface.

Stability Champions: Supreme Surfactants contribute to the stability of soluble granule and powder formulations, preventing component separation and ensuring consistency over time.

Ease of Handling and Application Brilliance: Simplify your process! Our surfactants enhance the ease of handling and application, making the mixing of granules or powder with water a breeze for convenient preparation and use.

Bioavailability Boost Masters: Our surfactants enhance the bioavailability of active ingredients, promoting their absorption and interaction with the target surface for optimal results.

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