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Wettable Powder (WP)

Wettable powder (WP) is a powder-based formulation that transforms into a suspension upon mixing with water before application. WP formulations comprise active ingredients combined with inert substances, diluents, and surfactants.

Wetting agents are employed to aid in particle suspension in water, while a dispersing agent is added to prevent any clumping of the suspension before use.

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Why Choose Supreme Surfactants for WP Formulations?

Wettability Mastery: Unparalleled enhancement of wetting properties, ensuring superior dispersion for uniform coverage on target surfaces.

Agglomeration Defense: Say goodbye to clumping! Supreme Surfactants excel in preventing powder particles from agglomerating, ensuring uniform dispersion and homogeneous formulations.

Adhesion Excellence: Supreme Surfactants contribute to superior contact between wettable powder particles and surfaces, maximizing efficacy and delivery of active ingredients.

Surface Tension Reduction: Our surfactants uniquely reduce water surface tension, ensuring optimal coverage and uniform distribution of active ingredients for peak performance.

Suspension Stability: Supreme Surfactants play a pivotal role in maintaining suspension stability, preventing settling during storage and transportation for consistent efficacy.

Bioavailability Boost: Our emulsifiers enhance the absorption and interaction of active ingredients with target surfaces, ensuring desired crop protection effects.

User-Friendly Mixing: Supreme Surfactants facilitate effortless mixing of wettable powders with water, contributing to a user-friendly formulation process.

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