SC Surfactants

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Suspension Concentrate (SC)

Suspension concentrate (SC) formulations involve the dispersion of a solid active ingredient within water.

SCs have gained favor due to advantages like dust-free quality, user-friendliness, and superior performance when compared to other formulations like emulsifiable concentrates (EC) and wettable powders (WP). To achieve a stable SC, it's crucial for the active ingredient to remain insoluble across all temperature ranges.

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Why Supreme Surfactants for SC Formulations ?

Particle Dispersion Mastery: Unmatched expertise in dispersing solid particles, ensuring a stable suspension for consistent and uniform distribution of the active ingredient.

Settling Prevention: Dedicated to preventing settling during storage – maintaining formulation stability and efficacy over extended periods.

Agglomeration Defense: Say goodbye to clumping issues! Supreme Surfactants excel in reducing agglomeration, ensuring homogeneity and preventing uneven distribution.

Wetting Wizardry: Unleashing superior wetting properties to enhance the absorption and dispersion of solid particles for optimal contact with the target surface.

Stability Champions: Crafting a protective layer around solid particles for enhanced stability, ensuring the longevity and efficacy of SC formulations.

Bioavailability Boost: Elevate the bioavailability of your active ingredient with Supreme Surfactants, ensuring optimal results on the intended target.

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